Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Turquoise Owl Fibers is having a "Thankfulness" Sale (& giveaway)!

Turquoise Owl Fibers is having a Thankfulness sale! Starting right now, Wednesday the 26th and going through Cyber Monday (Dec. 1st) you can use the coupon code THANKFUL15 to receive a 15% discount off your entire purchase. 
Or if you are a USA resident and spend over $100 in the shop you can choose the code: USFREESHIPPING100 and your order will be shipped for free. The choice is up to you! 
Anyone who makes a purchase from the shop between Wednesday the 26th and December 1st will be automatically entered in a giveaway for a skein of my handspun yarn & a quilted mug rug! Also, each item purchased equals an entry in the giveaway. Have fun shopping! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Project Portfolio: Fluff-to-Socks Sal/Kal

Remember when I blogged about the Fluff-to-socks Spin-along, Knit-along that I was participating in? We had the month of May to spin the yarn and the month of June to knit the socks. Initially I was confused and thought that we could use any pattern we wished. Then a friend kindly let me know that the sal/kal was supposed to be done using the Effervesce sock pattern. As you can see there is a great deal of cabling in these socks but with the cabling-without-a-needle method they fairly flew of the needles. I was also pleased with how closely the striping lined up. 
As I stated previously, there isn't an outfit in my wardrobe thay such wild socks will work with, but they will be warm and they were such a fun project from start to finish. 

From Where I stand: Spring, Summer & early Autumn

For some odd reason that I can't quite place I like to document where I stand by taking a foot photo. Perhaps it comes from not liking to take the proverbial "selfie" and plaster it all over the internet. And perhaps it's just the fact that foot photos can make interesting compostions, depending on where you are standing & what you are doing at the time. Each one of these photos brings with it a special memory. 
Sinking toes in a mossy carpet on the bluff, a late evening walk down the pebble strewn beach, an afternoon of climbing on sun-warmed rocks, fishing off the dock, a sunny afternoon reading & spinning in the sand....and then there is the various bounties of the summer...dill for drying, mulberries to turn into jam, mint for tea, and sassafras leaves to dry for making filé. Lastly, the glories of autumn which came and went so quickly this year.
 What about you? Are some of these scenes familiar ones? Or would your series of "where I stand" photos look quite different?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Project Portfolio: Quaker Yarn Stretcher

This was my first time making the beautiful Quaker Yarn Stretcher. When it comes to practical use, it isn't my first choice of shawl. The wierd slanting shape doesn't lay right nor wrap in a proper manner around your shoulders. But it is intended to be a kerchief I believe, and as such it would probably work fine. I had a good deal of handspun yarn in the stash so I clubbed it all together and just knit until I ran out! In the end it made a delightful, if somewhat odd, shawl. I meant to do a mini photo shoot and model all my newest knits down in the orchard this autumn. But the time flew, the leaves fell, and now everything is sodden and grey down under the apple trees. Maybe I will still get a photo or two in before the snows come. But don't hold your breath; winter looks to be just as busy as summer and fall were. If I can just blog every once in awhile I shall feel quite accomplished indeed! Meanwhile, be on the lookout for new puni sets in the shop. I've managed to squeeze some carding sessions in between work hours and on my days off. An update will be happening soon!