Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Summer Hiking

This Summer we went on several hikes in the surrounding countryside. The first ten photos here are from a hike that I went on with my brother and his then fiancee. It was a new hiking trail to us and we really liked it. Unfortunately we were on somewhat of a time schedule so we didn't go as far as we would have liked. Maybe if it's accessible in the cold season we can do a winter hike there. It was certainly very pretty in the summer! The beginning of the trail ran along a lake. There were lots of pine trees, wildflowers, patches of moss, various fungi, and other vegetation that made for an interesting hike. 

The last four photos are from a short hike we took the day of our church picnic. The picnic was held in a park with plenty of wooded areas and a swampy pond or two. We tried some trails I hadn't been on before and all in all it was a lovely hike.

Although fall weather has hit and the temperatures are dropping, I am still hoping to do some hiking. My favorite trails (aside from the AT in Tennessee) are about an hour and a half north of here. We've only been up that way once or twice this summer, and I've never been in the autumn. 
How about you? Any particular places or times you prefer to hike?


  1. I try to hike all the seasons, but prefer Fall for the beautiful colors of the leaves, the slight chill in the air, nature putting itself to rest.. . but then Spring.. ahhh Spring, the tiny burst of new growth, the trees with their leaves ready to burst open, theirs is a gift of hope, a promise of new life, new energy, growth within.
    I hike all over the NE GA mountains, am also very close to the GA AT... I love to hike Neal's Gap area, the Mountain Crossing Store is so friendly and can meet and talk with a lot of through hikers. A dream I once had but now age has crept up on me, knee replacement, other surgeries and treatments have drained my ability to carry a pack to be out on the trail that long.. oh but I do dream.. LOL. Have heard that for my 65 birthday my son and 2 of his friends are going to take me hiking from Springer Mtn through to Neal's Gap.. that would be so awesome...
    Sorry to carry on, but I love the outdoors and medical stuff has kept me inside most of the summer... Thank you for your wonderful blog.. love your photos, you have a good eye!!

  2. Hello Marianne,
    Thank you for your kind comments and for stopping by my blog.
    It was a delight hearing of your hiking adventures. It must be nice to live so close to the such great hiking country. I also dream of doing a long in-depth hike, I've heard of hikers who have done the whole AT from one end to the other!

    That is sweet if your family to plan a hiking adventure for you as birthday gift. I'm sure you will have many wonderful memories from it.
    Please do stop by again, it's always wonderful getting to know my blogland friends better.


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