Thursday, October 17, 2013

Summer has flown by

The summer has flown by in a whirl of busyness and already the first days of Autumn are upon us. Surprisingly our weather has been very mild so it hasn't really felt like fall until just this week.

I have abandoned my poor blog and all my lovely followers this summer. Between the birth of my niece and the wedding of my little brother, life has been extremely crazy. With running around, planning showers of all kinds, attending more showers, and helping my new sister-in-law with wedding plans and moving plans, and trying to keep my shop afloat amid the insanity, well......I sort of let the blog slide. I do apologize for that.
However here I am, back and blogging and I hope to keep up with things now that the pace of life has slowed down somewhat.
I'll be posting snapshots of the summer happenings for you all in short order.
Take care my friends!

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