Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shop Update

There is a shop update as of today! Feel free to stop by and check out the goodies!
I would have listed more today but it was one of those days where little errands kept popping up and things needed to be done. Not to mention it was raining. And thundering. In fact there was lighting in the mix too so let's just say we were having a regular Thunderstorm! And when it storms I just want to curl up all cozy inside and enjoy the weather. A book, a snack,  a cuppa= Perfect. I didn't do much curling up though. There was a lot of tromping about through puddles and mud, in and out and all about. I felt quite damp by the time I arrived back at the house.
But once I was home and cozy, and had my coffee & an episode to get in my Doctor Who fix for the day, I buckled back down to shop related projects like batts and photo shoots.

So stay tuned, there are more batts and roving coming soon!


  1. Holly! Thank you for coming to my blog and leaving a comment! How kind of you. :) I've always wanted to learn to knit but either had no one to teach me or just didn't feel like sitting down to learn! :D

    1. You are so welcome, Kellie!
      I haven't been very faithful around blogland this year and I am hoping to change that and start visiting my favorite blogs more often!

      Awww, well maybe some day you will be able to learn. :) I'd offer to teach you, but virtual classes over the net isn't my style *chuckles*
      I do know there are some good You Tube videos out there that are good for teaching knitting. :)


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