Saturday, March 30, 2013

Liebster Award

I was recently nominated for the Liebster award by Una from Great Balls of Wool.
I was quite delighted to receive the kind nomination and I had so much fun answering her questions!
Here are her questions and my answers:

Which of the four seasons do you like best?
I find that as I get older I grow more fond of my least favorite season, there are such wonderful delights in all of them.
But I am very much a warm weather, outdoors type of person, so I would have to say that it is a toss up between Spring and Summer. I love being able to go outside without bundling up. I love all the plants flourishing everywhere. Green. The sweet smell in the air. Bonfires. Swimming. Being able to do my fiber-y things outdoors: fiber washing, spinning, hanging fiber to dry, knitting, carding, dyeing. Drying clothes on the line. Burrowing my toes in the newly tilled soil. All the outdoor activities: biking, walking, running, kayaking, tennis. Picnics. Rising early with the sun and going out to enjoy the day. The cheerful singing of birds.

My list could go on and on! 

Do you exercise?
Yes I do. Every morning. In the spring I also like to incorporate walking into my early mornings. I am trying to get back into running after a rather long-ish break due to health reasons.

What is your "guilty pleasure" food?
Probably chocolate. *blushes* I LOVE chocolate, of all sorts.

What was the last item you knitted or crocheted?
My Happy Shawl! Which was knitting and will soon be blogged about. I finished it while I was away and now it just needs to be blocked.

When did you last buy wool or yarn?
Hmm. I buy wool quite often for my shop, in one form or another. Let me see, I believe it was on March 1, 2013. I purchased an ounce of "Emerald Isle" Punis from Kate of Gourmet Stash on Etsy. They were such a luxurious treat to spin up. I highly recommend the spinners out there pop by her shop and check out all the goodies.

Did you enjoy your school days?
Yes, I did. I was not fond of arithmetic, but still scored decently in it. Summer Holidays were, of course, looked forward to with great delight and it seemed as if they would never end. 

If you could have only one, which would it be...dishwasher or microwave?
Oh a dishwasher for sure! I don't believe microwaves are healthy. Dishwashers on the other hand....if you get a good one it frees up all kinds of time to spend on other things. Like fiber and spinning! 

Do you follow any sports?
No. I used to follow Nascar, but not anymore. There is always the occasional football game. But I have never been into really any of that. 
Although I DO enjoy the Olympics when they roll around! Especially the downhill skiing, swimming, and skating events.

Do you have any pets?
I do! I have one darling Siberian Forest cat, named Sadie. She has the most amazing and unique personality of any cat I have ever met. She practically does everything but speak English! Even so we have lengthy conversations, though I'm not always sure what they are about. Sadie likes to sleep with me every night. She drapes herself all over me and generally gets in the way. But I don't mind. 
Other fun facts about Sadie: She comes when I call. She meets me at the door when I get home. She stays put when she is told. She thunders around the house by spells and acts like a complete lunatic. She ADORES boxes, the smaller the better. She eats flies and moths. She is super cuddly and friendly to everyone. She has learned to leave my spinning alone. And she gets embarrassed quite easily.

Which is best....sea view or mountain view?
Hmm. I have only ever been to the sea once. And I thought it was gorgeous. I have seen many photos and movies of it and it is amazing. I'm sure living by the sea in a tiny cottage would be superb  But to speak from my own personal experience, at this stage I would have to pick a mountain view. I just love mountains. Tall, gorgeous, tree-covered or snow-topped mountains, looming in the distance.
Maybe someday I can experience the sea more fully. I have a feeling if I do, there will be no going back and it will ever more be the sea for me.

If your house or apartment had a name, what would it be?
Oh my. This is a difficult one. I am forever naming things. My spinning wheel is Penelope. My cell phone is TARDIS.  My laptop is Sabrina. But a home, now that is a whole 'nother kettle of fish.
I guess off hand I can't say. It would depend on the house, what it looked like, where it was situated, etc. And I would put a great deal of thought into it before settling for sure on a name.

Alright! That was fun. Now I do believe it is my turn to nominate four lovely bloggers.
So without further ado:

Lucy of Attic 24

My questions for you all are:

#1. If you could live in any time period, which one would it be? and why?
#2. What is your favorite way to spend your spare time?
#3. Are you in indoor or outdoor type of person?
#4. Do you have any pets or farm animals?
#5. Do you have a hidden talent?
#6. What was the last item you knitted, crocheted, sewed or spun?
#7. Do you (or have you) play(ed) a musical instrument?
#8. Are your tendencies more extrovert or introvert?
#9. What inspires you?
#10. If you could visit any country, which would you pick? and why?

That is it! Feel free to play along if you like, or if not that is fine too!

Have a beautiful day my friends!


  1. Great, full answers. Thanks for taking part. I forget some people live a long way from the sea. I'm in the UK surrounded by sea and trips to the seaside are fairly common. My next trip is on Tuesday. Happy crafting. Una, Great Balls of Wool blog.

  2. Hello Holly, thank you so much for your kind words! It's so sweet of you to nominate me but I don't take part in awards, thanks anyway though! Sending you big hugs! xx

    1. That is quite alright, Tina!
      This was actually my first time taking part in an award, I'm just giving it a whirl.

      Hugs back!xx


  3. Hey Holly, waiting to see pics of that new spinning wheel and the story of how/where you bought it!
    Kids have been asking when you are coming back. :)

    1. Pics are up!!!! And the story. :)
      Tell them I miss them. And hopefully I'll see them soon. Soon being sometime within the next 6-12 months. ;-)


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