Wednesday, January 30, 2013


In the winter time there is nothing more beautiful then a thick blanket of snow covering the landscape. This past weekend we were blessed with an abundant amount of snow. I suppose there are many people that don't see a snowstorm as a blessing but when there has been a severe lack of snow and rain for at least a year, well, I think snowstorms look pretty good! 
It certainly is perfect weather for  knitting, spinning, and drinking hot tea by the stove!

Wishing the best  to you and yours this beautiful day!

 P.S. The snow already melted,  thanks to rising temps and rain. But I am sure there will be more in the forecast.


  1. Hey...that kind of looks like our whiteness around here...well, all except the trees. =) We are about 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City, Utah.


  2. Just beautiful. I envy your snow. We have only had a dusting and it goes away within hours. I hope this helps the drought stricken areas this year.

  3. I am with you. I just love snow.

    I hope this comment isn't a repeat. I just left one and before I stopped typing it just disappeared. Oh well. The mysteries of the internet.


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