Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Morning

Reading of the Christmas story before we open our gifts. A most beloved family tradition. Christ is the reason for the  day, and it is lovely to start the day on which we honor His birth, by reading the Biblical account of His birth. 
My family knows how much I adore owls. And I know they know how much I adore owls. Still, I was quite surprise to find this cute fluffy chap under the tree. 

I snapped away with my phone and got quite a few lovely photos of my wonderful family and the joy and love on all our faces. We kept pausing in our own unwrapping to delightedly watch another member of the family unwrap a special something.  Handmade gifts have always figured greatly in our Christmases.
In the preparations leading up to Christmas I particularly enjoyed the hand embroidery I was doing to make small felt journals for my sisters. I will have to share some pictures of them in the future. They were a delight to make. 
The day was filled with family, good food, games, carols and rather a lot of lego building. What can I say? We grew up with legos, and from the oldest to the youngest we still enjoy putting them together. 

I pulled out this roving that I had been longing to work on but did not dare touch until Christmas projects were out of the way. It is a delightful jumble of colors that is spinning up into a beautiful happy yarn. I think I shall turn it into a shawl when I am done....

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with friends and loved ones! And a blessed New Year's Day as well! And though this year is already promising to be just as busy as last year, I am looking forward to it and can not wait to share my adventures with you!
Happy 2013 my dear friends!

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  1. Can't wait to see how the fiber spins up from this lovely roving.


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