Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Inside Out:: Two

 Inside:: Saturday afternoon at the bookstore with my brother, a stack of reading material, a cup of chai tea, and a tasty dessert! It was a lovely treat. A few hours in the bookstore is such an enjoyable way to spend part of an afternoon. 
Outside:: My fiber, which was not due to arrive for another two to three weeks, showed up on my doorstep this past Wednesday! And so I happily carved out a slot of time in my schedule to do some dyeing. It was especially important to me to have a dye session or two as this weekend was extremely windy and very warm. High 60's, low 70's to be precise. Perfect weather for drying fiber on the line!
I dyed fiber late on Saturday, and I hung 8 ounces outside to dry over night. But I was unsure if it would rain so I decided to keep the rest inside to hang out in the morning. Well, the wind picked up during the night and when I woke up around 5am and heard it I resigned myself to my 8 ounces being lost or in a sad snarl. I had forgotten to put the clothes pins on. 
But, lo and behold, I looked out when the sun came up and the fiber was still on the line with only one tail blowing loose in the wind. I was so very thankful! So Sunday the rest of my fiber blew in the wind, fluffed up beautifully, and is now waiting in a box for me to braid it. I did braid a little last night, Lord willing I can finish it up tonight and then list some tomorrow!
I was extremely happy with the way the colors came out. I dyed some of my regular colorways, plus also created a few new ones. I'm looking forward to sharing them!

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