Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just A little Bit Of Handspinning

Hello my friends! It is good to be back with you. Today I had occasion to drive through some very pretty countryside that I do not normally see so early in the morning. There were so many opportunities for photos, and had I not been on a time schedule I would have stopped multiple times. When I first set out there was mist rising off of the ponds and lying low in the hollows. The landscape looked so pretty in the early morning sunlight.

I did take the time to stop and snap a picture of this barn. I've always liked the setting it is in; winter, spring, summer, autumn, storm or shine, it always looks lovely.

There were a few cows loitering in and around the barn, and they stopped their munching to stare lazily at me for a moment, before going back to eating their breakfast.

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And now on to the hand spinning. Remember last time I showed you several spindles with spun singles?  Well these are the completed skeins of yarn. They were all spun as a single, wound into a  center-pull ball on my nostepinne , then the ends were plied together to make a two-ply yarn. The yarn weight is probably a light worsted, I have not checked the wraps per inch yet so that is just a rough guess. I find that since I was not spinning as much this past spring, I seem to be a little rusty when it comes to spinning certain weights. Or perhaps I am just not used to how this merino behaves. It seems to fluff up a great deal when it is plied and the twist is set.
 I wrote down the formulas for all these colorways and I hope to be able to successfully duplicate them in the future. These are all the 1 ounce samplers.



Even though I dyed some colors I might not normally like, I find that I liked everything I dyed, simply because each roving was a lengthy process and became a work of art. Thus it is with each yarn, there are certain colors I might not usually pick, but the fact that I dyed the roving makes the yarn quite fascinating to me. Each is a work of art and I find that I can display them for quite awhile before I feel inclined to knit anything with them. Currently these three yarns are in a decorative bowl on the piano.

On another note, the previous post I did was my 200th post! I was quite astonished to realize that. 
Perhaps it is time for another giveaway! I'll keep you posted. 

For now, take care and have a lovely day!


  1. they are gorgeous! :) love the orchid one!

    1. Thank you, Lorraine! Orchid is probably my favorite of the three as well. :)


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