Monday, October 3, 2011

Just A Bit Of Birthday Sewing

This past week my sister and I puled out the scraps and did a little bit of birthday sewing for a friend. At first we were contemplate a small quilted table scarf but then we hit upon the idea of these coasters. Everyone needs and uses coasters, right? Of course! It was the perfect idea. We brainstormed colours, then patterns. We decided upon Courthouse Steps, Log Cabin, Vertical Stripes, and  Crazy Quilt block.
Once colours and patterns were decided we set to work cutting, tracing, and sewing.
The coasters went fast, and were fun little projects to make up.

Court House Steps Coaster

Now I RARELY machine quilt anything, (in fact I believe in all my years sewing I have only ever machine quilted one thing and that was my quilted knitting bag) but we decided to quilt the coaster as they will be seeing a lot of use and also tossed in the washer quite a bit. Machine quilting will give them more durability and they should hold together for years to come. 

Log Cabin Coaster
Crazy Coaster
The Crazy Coaster was my personal favourite. I just love how the colours, shapes and quilting came together for such an interesting textured look.
Diagonal Stripes Coaster

We made them approximately 4 1/2 inches square. Not too big, but just perfect for holding a large mug of cocoa! 


  1. I like the crazy quilt one the best too. Inspires me to try my hand at coasters! ;)

  2. I'll second that- the crazy coaster is also my favourite! I hope your friend likes her present.

  3. Thank you for your kind comments Ladies! Yes, my friend loved the gift! She was quite surprised and delighted.


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