Monday, September 26, 2011

Finished Object : Chocolate Mint Helix!!!

I completed my Chocolate Mint Helix scarf today! I love the way it looks, the drape,the fit, the warmth..... it is wonderful! Just perfect for those chilly autumn days when there is a cold drizzle and the wind wants to blow down my coat collar. It will be wonderful in the winter as well. Sunday mornings are frigid on our windswept hill. I did take my time knitting it. But I finally decided to just finish it up today, for a few reasons: 
 #1. It's taking me way to long to complete such a simple project.
 #2. It's getting cold and I wanted to wear it.
 #3. I needed the needles for another project. 
All very good reasons to finish it up I though.The Helix scarf is a very easy knit, simply inserting short row wedges along the sides. This was the perfect on-the-go knit as the pattern is so easily memorized and it is a small project so is easy to carry along in one's purse.
The yarn is my own handspun, I spun it on one of my top whorl drop spindles. It was a merino roving that I purchased this summer already dyed up in this colorway. I'm pleased with the yarn and the finished results of the Helix. I'll definitely be starting another one in the near future. As soon as I have some more spare fingering yarn that is! 

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