Friday, September 23, 2011

And So, Summer Comes To An End.

A couple weeks ago I was helping my sister-in-law pick her garden produce. Things are starting to dwindle down as summer comes to an end. We were picking the last bits of broccoli when I came across this little fellow in one of the broccoli plants. I almost picked him, thinking he was a broccoli floret, until I saw the EYES. He startled me at first, but then I ran in to get my camera. He was very obliging and let me take his photo without getting scared and jumping at me. I had an encounter with a tree frog when I was a little girl, the neighbors found one and were showing me and my brother and the tree frog jumped right into my face. Of course they all thought it was hilarious and looking back it IS rather funny. But ever since I've been a little leery of them being too close to my face, after all who wants a frog clinging to their face?!

Fresh carrots at the farmer's market. You can tell autumn is around the corner when root vegetables and gourds start showing up at the market. I love going bright and early on a Saturday morning with my SIL and browsing through all the fresh produce. The market she frequents has a huge variety of produce, as well as meats, cheese, soap, specialty sea salts, breads and pastries, honey, flowers and coffee.

The flowers were simply amazing, I wanted to take more photos but even at that early hour the crowds are quite thick and sometimes wading through the the press of people to take a picture is not an option. We purchased some giant cockscomb flowers in a bright fuchsia color. They were only $3 for one huge stalk that was a bouquet all on it's own!

After the farmer's market we went down to the river in town to watch the early morning fishing. Along the way the view was so lovely with all the ivy twining through the pines in the early morning sunlight that I couldn't resist a photo. What a marvelous Saturday morning that was!

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