Monday, August 9, 2010

Tearing Back, While On Holiday

I am finally making time do a bit of blogging! I haven't accomplished a whole lot that would even make for an interesting post. Life has been a little busy while on holiday. However I have availability to wireless access and am taking the opportunity to touch base with my friends in the blogging world.
I haven't got anywhere on my tunic in awhile. I had to set it aside for a bit. But I brought it on the trip and have been working on it.

Here is the back, which I finished about a month ago. I was measuring the front the other night and found that it didn't line up with the back. I put it all away because I didn't want to deal with the headache so late in the evening. But today I laid it out on the table, measured, re-measured and found that I made a serious mistake somewhere on the upper portion of the back. I finally found it. Looks like I stopped mid-row, for who knows how long, then I started back in going the wrong way on my row! So one side is a little too long and the other side is a little too short. I am not going to tear it back though until I finish the front.
Here is the roving that I dyed up, and then spun to a fingering-weight yarn this summer. It is my beautiful Ocean Splendor yarn!

And check out the gorgeous pottery! I love it when I have new items to use for props. This stunning pottery was handmade by a gal in the household here. Such talent!

I love pottery.

Here is what I am making with the Ocean Splendor Yarn: Prairie Rose Lace Shawl designed by Evelyn Clark. The pattern is from the Knitter's Book of Wool. I love this pattern because it is so easy, and is knitting up very quickly. It does help that I am using Addi Turbo needles, it goes SO fast! I can actually work on it while watching a DVD!

It is an interesting and rewarding experience knitting a project with yarn that I have hand-dyed and hand-spun on a drop spindle. Notice the subtle striping going on. Sigh. I love it. :) 4 more lace repeats, then a border and edging before I am done.
Alright, things to do now. I am going to sign off and do some more knitting!
Take care everyone!

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  1. holly the shawl is turning out beautifully i diddnt get a chance to see the striping until i read the blog post. :)


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