Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Fiber Festival!

I'm pretty excited about being able to do some fiber festivals this summer/autumn. This was my 2nd this year and I had a so much fun! I shared a booth with my cousin and together we had enough to fill a booth. We kept pretty busy with customers all day long. It slowed down somewhat in the evening. The day was overcast, but VERY muggy. Later the sun came out and we got pretty toasty out there. But I love heat so was finding it rather marvelous. :)
I spun with my drop spindle off and on for most of the day.

See all those beautiful hand painted rovings? Those are the same ones I blogged about awhile back. Quite a few were bought which is nice. Now I get to do some more dyeing in the near future!

Navajo spindle demonstration.

Icelandic lambs! They were SO adorable!

Their ages were from 1-2 months.

I didn't get many photos because I was in the booth most of the day. And believe it or not, I can be rather shy about taking photos in a public place. I always have to work up my nerve to ask permission.
I found some lovely fiber-y treats too. I felt a little guilty about spending my hard earned money, but I only spent some of it on my self. The rest is going back into the business. So that worked out well. I bought some great wool/alpaca roving which I will put up in another post. I started spinning it up last night and absolutely LOVE it!
Cheerio for now!

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