Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Catching Up

Hello everyone! No, I did not fall off the face of the earth. It has just been a hectic few weeks. My elder brother was married this past Friday! Mother and I sewed all the dresses for the gals in our family ( I think I might have mentioned that in an earlier post ). So we have been up to our necks in yards and yards of satin.....
The wedding was beautiful! It went smoothly and was so lovely. I cried a bit. I'm excited to have another sister now!
Here are some pictures of my latest bit of spinning. I have not worked on spinning a whole lot since we have been so busy. This batt here is a combination of merino/angora/angelica, and I do not know what else! My aunt bought it last summer at a Fiber Festival.

I know there are a few too many pictures of just my spindle here, but I couldn't decide which ones to cull. I liked them all. I did leave one out....
There are little bits of blue, turquoise, & purple, thread in here as well. I am trying to spin it up as thin as possible since I do not have a whole lot of the batt. We'll see what kind of yardage I come up with. Since I am drafting so fine, I find that I am having to spin it very fast otherwise my thread keeps breaking.

This morning while out and about we stopped at the gas station ten minutes or so from our house. The property out back of the station is owned by the farm next door. And it was chock full of sheep! I have no idea what kind they are. We are hoping to stop by sometime and see if maybe we can watch them shear their sheep.

About a month and a half back the sheep all had their lambs. But apparently this little fellow was just born recently. Isn't he sweet?

Here he is wiped out on his side, taking a little rest. He was rather wobbly on his legs.

I snapped this shot because I liked seeing the mommas leading their lambs off to the barn.

On the home front everything is growing like crazy. We have had some rain, and also warmer-than-usual weather.
The apple mint is spreading all over the place. It used to be contained in an old metal washtub at the end of the flowerbed. Well, some years back it jumped out and is now making itself at home where ever it pleases. If you ever decide to plant apple mint please remember that it is a very invasive plant. Since there is so much I will probably clip a bunch soon and dry it for tea. Apple mint is also a very hardy plant. When we were given our first plant it was just leaves and roots, a sad looking little slip of a plant. Not even any dirt clinging to the roots. We put it in a pail of water outside and forgot about it for quite some time. But it hung on and even flourished, despite the neglect.
Here is some yarn that is waiting to be made into another shawlette. Cascade 220.

The aforesaid shawlette pattern, but in a different colorway. Cascade 220 Quatro.

Oh, I am excited to share these pictures with you! This is the yarn that I dyed while it was still in the roving state before spinning it up on my drop spindle! Isn't it lovely?

It is about a worsted weight. 316.25 yards! My personal record on a drop spindle right now.

I don't remember if I shared this yarn yet or not. I know I did put up pictures of it when it was still on the spindle. This is 295yards. Merino/silk. It was a dream to spin up, so smooth and it shone beautifully in the light.

We'll see what I end up making with all these yarns. I am mainly spinning because I love doing it, not because I need the yarn. I don't think I could ever keep up with my demand for yarn! Not unless I were to get a spinning wheel.
Well, progress for the Fiber Festival is coming along beautifully. Things were kind of put on hold over the last few weeks but now I am back at it. I have some felting to do today, as well as knitting. I did knit up a little project yesterday that I am very excited about. But it falls under the category of "secret knitting" so I can't show you what it is yet. Sorry about that. Stay posted. :) I also forgot to take pictures of the completed bags hat I was knitting for the wedding. I only ended up making two, but I think they turned out adorable.
That is it for now! Have a great day!

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