Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Knitting News

When Christmas was over I was not in the mood for knitting at all. I had done so much in such a short time. I'd rather not knit when I have a close deadline.... it is too stressful! However after a day or two I was back in the mood for knitting, but I wanted to do something fun. So I decided to try this fair isle hat from Louise Harding's book "Knitting Little Luxuries"
Actually I had never done any sort of fair isle before. This is a good beginner project because it is worked on straight needles. There is a three needle bind-off at the top, and then the side is seamed up.

Lastly the tassels are made and attached. This picture shows both tassels at the corners.

View of the back.

My first few rows of fair isle was a little tight but once I got the hang of it things went smoothly from there. It is made with a worsted weight wool yarn. I can't wait to get another started. It is such a warm and cozy hat! I'm also making a pair of mitts in the same color. I didn't think about it until I finished the first mitt, but I should have incorporated the motif from the hat into the mitts. Ah well, maybe next time.

Remember the little quilts I posted back when I first started blogging? Well, here they are again, but now there is a proper bed for them to lay upon. My brother made this doll bunk bed as a gift this Christmas.

And of course we couldn't part without leaving you all a shot of my bedroom window the other day. It was covered in all sorts of gorgeous designs. It was kind of difficult to take a picture of the frost because there is a layer of plastic over the window, but I did my best.
They remind me of ferns in the forest...

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