Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Knitted Fingerless Mitts

I finally have pictures! These are my favorite fingerless mitts. They are made out of medium weight yarn and can be whipped up very quickly. So far I have made five pairs and love them! I gave them all away of course, but I do plan on making some for myself one of these days...

This particular pair was a birthday gift for my dear friend, Randi. The gray yarn is 100% merino wool. For the ribbing on the top and bottom I double stranded using a slender strand of 100% angora yarn, hand spun on a drop spindle. The strand of angora added warmth and a lovely halo to the cuffs. Just a touch of luxury.
I taught Randi both hand spinning and knitting so I knew this was a gift that she would definitely appreciate.

The pattern is found at www.ancientpathwaysyarnandfiber.blogspot.com . I changed the pattern around a bit. I used size 5Us needles to make a tighter gauge. I also change the pattern around depending on whom it is made for. When making a child's size I only bind of 10 sts. Woman's sizes I bind of 12 sts, and 14 stitches only for the men's sizes. When just knitting st. stitch or ribbing, you can just lengthen or shorten as needed. So far these mitts have been a hit with everyone who has received a pair.
After the new year I will hopefully have many photos to show of Christmas gifts. I'll post as able between now and then. I'm sure everyone has many Christmas plans, get-togethers etc. in the next couple of weeks. Take care and be careful in the crowds. Enjoy the time spent with your loved ones and friends.
Merry Christmas to all!!!

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