Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sorry...No Pictures

Yes, I am at a computer. But the computer does not happen to have access to my pictures so at the present you must content yourself with words. I suppose I will have to try and be semi-interesting , or else you will all fall asleep before you finish reading this.
Hopefully this weekend I will be able to blog in proper style and you can see what I have been working on lately.
However, I can not show everything I have been working on. All close relatives of mine have a tendency to pounce upon my blog like sharks whenever I post something new. So consequently I can not put up any pictures of gifts I may be making. Expect either a barrage of posts, or one really long one, come January. It gives you something to look forward to, right?
Speaking of gifts, today I was debating on whether or not to sit down and sew, or go to the yarn shop. Which do you think won out?
Yup, the yarn shop.
I grabbed a list which included, potential projects, the yarn and needles they require, weights etc, and off I went. I happily browsed the shop for about an hour. But I ended up getting rather in a dizzy state by all my options. This one was too soft, that one too scratchy, too shiny, too....odd. I finally quit looking at yarn, scrapped my idea paper momentarily, and went to look at the pattern books.
Thankfully the kind ladies at the yarn shop know me on a first name basis. Otherwise I might have been sent to....well, you know. One of those places for those not in complete control of their mental faculties.
I finally made a selection, based on a careful process of elimination which involved standing with three colorways of the same yarn in my hand for a good 8 minutes, putting one down, picking it up again, putting it back down....I felt quite silly. Common sense won out and I picked the color I knew the recipient would like, not the color I liked best. The recipient and I have different tastes in some things.
Hmm...what other knitting news do I have? Not much. I have been working on another shawl, now that the Peace Shawl is finished. I do so love new projects. But I have too many projects floating around, I need to stop starting new ones and finish some of my WIP and UFO's. The UFO's are the scary ones. I ran across one the other day when I was getting ready to leave for the week. I took one hasty glance and quick stuffed it back where I found it. Not because I don't want to work on it, but more because I felt guilty for not having finished it already.

Note to self: Find, sort and make a list of all UFO's and WIP's.

Well that is about it for now. Cheerio!

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