Friday, May 1, 2009

Good Can Come From Mistakes

Mmmm......I am eating supper right now. At first I thought it was a total loss and you will see why after I give you my "recipe" :)

Holly's Disaster Soup

Step 1. Get a can of chicken dumpling soup from the pantry. Run it through the Champion juicer until smooth.

Step 2. Put juiced soup on stove to heat, add some milk to thin out.

Step 3. Go to bedroom and collect library books to be returned, pausing to look through several of them.

Step 4. After being rudely awakend from the browsing of books by a burnt smell, dash wildly into the kitchen and take the furiously boiling suace pan off the stove.

Step 5. Lament the loss of supper.

Step 6. After a moments thought ( and tasting of the horrible stuff), decide that to waste it would not be frugal and plot how to remedy the situation.

Step 7. Throw in about 2oz. sliced velveeta cheese, 2TBLS Sweet Baby Rays Barbeque sauce, and 6TBLS ranch dressing, also a bit of milk. Heat on medium, stirring constantly and making sure not to burn it the secound time.

Step 8. Sit down and enjoy a delicious, albeit different, meal!

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