Monday, April 27, 2009

This and That

Early this afternoon I took some pictures of my current knitting projects . I actually have more projects,but it would be rather embarrassing to admit how many UFP (unfinished projects) are floating around the house. However they are all works in progress, not abandoned projects left to collect dust and moths.
Recently my Aunt and I went to visit my favorite yarn shop. She is a beginning knitter and is new to the joys of a yarn shop. Aunt B. was hoping to find some special yarn and a pattern to give my mother as a gift. She intended to make it herself but we both fell in love with a elegant shawl pattern and some silky bamboo tape. So guess who was commissioned to make the project? Yes indeed, yours truly. I am happy to have new projects to work on, knitters rarely make things for themselves anyway. I just enjoy the process of knitting, the fibers, a complicated lace stitch, the feel of the yarn slipping through my is a very rewarding way to spend one's time.
I also did some spinning this morning! I'll have to post those as well. the camera program is acting up so I am having a hard time transferring my pictures from camera to computer.
But back to spinning. I only learned recently, my cousin made me the drop spindle that I use. So far I am just trying to work on consistency, not making a thick n' thin yarn! I have to pre-draft the roving right now, but Debi says that is okay. :) I can not wait until I can order some colored roving on Etsy! Also I need to learn to ply, but one thing at a time.

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